Get the README complexity score for a Github repo:

clayallsopp/formotion scored an 82


40 out of 40 Number of code blocks
10 out of 30 Penalty for few code blocks (all or nothing)


What is this?

ScoreMe gives you a numerical score from 0 to 100 for your Github-style README. The intention is to measure complexity, which is a generally correlated with quality.

It won't measure if one README is absolutely better than another, but it will give you a good idea if the README is high-quality, needs more work, or somewhere inbetween.

You can use this website, the HTTP API, or the Ruby library to calculate scores. Only the HTTP API and SVG badges will return cached scores unless configured otherwise.

What are some use cases for ScoreMe?

  • (Part of) a repository quality calculation
  • Open-source related research
  • Sanity-check for a README you're working with

My score doesn't seem correct?

Some projects like rails/rails have most of their documentation outside of the README. In those cases, the score doesn't mean a whole lot if you're using it alone to interpret quality.

If you feel like the calculation should be tweaked, then definitely open an issue with your expected and actual results.

Who's responsible for all this?

CocoaPods/CocoaDocs needed to calculate README complexity, and @clayallsopp thought that sounded fun, so here we are. This delightful little website was designed by Tiffany Young.